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MyRoute Safe DriveNow Available
This is the best app for your safety while driving your car or bike. MRSD includes three apps in one: A complete speed trap and radar warning system, a full-featured HUD, which includes a plethora of instruments, and a programmable speed limit warning system
Bike Cyclocomputer HUDNow Available
Bike CycloComputer HUD gives you a plethora of high precision instruments, especially designed for getting the most of your bike: Compass, Elapsed Time, Distance, Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Pace, Speed, Average Speed, Inclination, Lattitude, Longitude, Altimeter, Course, and GPS Signal power in a simple and beauty app that will be the perfect companion for you in your daily training.
World Stars Soccer Puzzle Edition Now Available
World Stars Soccer Puzzle Edition: Amazing dribblings, spectacular shootings, memorable highlights. Have you ever dreamed of lifting the world cup?.

World Soccer Stars is an addictive skill game where you can take the lead of nine of the best world national football teams.
iSleep SpaceNow Available
iSleep Space is the perfect app to help you to sleep better, relax and meditate. This new app unifies two of the best app in the AppStore: iSleep Sphere and iMind Sphere. We have created an unique product hearing to the hundred thousand users that uses our products every day.
iMind SphereNow Available
iMind Sphere is an application that will allow you to relax, sleep better, concentrate on your work, improve your creativity, learn faster, or even meditate more deeply, all in a simple and easy way. You don’t need to be an expert in meditation to use iMind Sphere. As in iSleep Sphere, you can improve your live simply by connecting a headset and using this product regularly.
iSleep SphereNow Available
iSleep Sphere is now on sale on the AppStore. iSleep: Sphere is the best tool on the market to relax and reconcile a deep, restorative sleep. Do you have problems with fatigue or sleep disorders? Are you a hard time falling asleep? Do you wake up exhausted in the morning? Sphere iSleep may be the solution!  

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Here you will find news of our company, as well as detailed information on all our products and applications. Please explore all you want and if you have any questions, please contact us. Also if you need support for any of our products please send an email and we will answer you within 24 hours. In addition we will be happy to hear suggestions that allow us to improve our products and services.

Our Favourite Applications


stopwatch for Rubik's cube now Available

RUBIKSTOPWATCH-72Welcome to the most advanced Rubik's stopwatch ever made. With this app you will improve your results solving the most famous puzzle. Includes the following puzzles: 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 6x6x6, 7x7x7, 8x8x8, 9x9x9, 10x10x10, Clock, Megamix, Pyraminx, Skewb, Square-1, Gigaminx, Siames, Mirror.

epicast Now Available

EPICAST-72epicast is the best way to listen to music on mobile devices or tablets and enjoy ready-made playlists for just about everything. We have designed the most powerful audio streaming engine ever made, capable of managing literally hundreds of thousands of radio stations worldwide.

mi coche Now Available

MICOCHE-72 Todo lo que necesitas para viajar seguro y gestionar tu coche al mismo tiempo. Nuestra app incluye: radares, puntos de interés, gasolineras, avisos horarios de la DGT, cámaras de tráfico en tiempo real, mantenimiento de tu vehículo, cálculo de rutas, consumos, gasto que realizas en el coche e incluso un completo HUD electrónico.

mars escape Now Available

MARSESCAPE-72 Help Nako the Martian escape from the planet of the Kogis in his spaceship. His evil enemies have anchored his ship to a post so that he can't leave and they've sent their henchmen to detain him. You must help Nako release the chains holding his spaceship and return to his planet. Hurry! Time is running out and the whole planet is filled with creatures!

museek Now Available

MUSEEK-72 Enjoy without limits the best music with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, with the highest quality at all time. museek includes all the music you ever wanted, including music videos, lyrics and much more. It's like having a premiun music service, but paying once!

Radar Zapper ya disponible

RADARZAPPER-72Después de meses de duro trabajo hemos creado la aplicación más completa para tu seguridad al volante. ¡Radar Zapper lo tiene todo! No podrás creer todas las características que tendrás en tus manos cuando consigas esta aplicación.

Bike Cyclocomputer HUD now available

BIKEHUDBike CycloComputer HUD is the best solution for getting info of your ride. This app gives you all the data you need to know exactly how you are performing your training. App includes: Compass, Elapsed Time, Distance, Analog Clock, Digital Clock, Pace, Speed, Average Speed, Inclination, Lattitude, Longitude, Altimeter, Course, and GPS Signal power.

Weight Computer 2 Now Available

WEIGHTCOMPUTERIOS2-72Weight Computer 2 is an application that will allow you control your weight in an easy and simple way, giving you all the information you need to control how you lose or gain weight in an efficient and professional fashion. Weight Computer will give you all the parameters needed in any diet. Even data that medical professionals do not usually give to you.

no más multas Now Available

NOMASMULTAS-72 no más multas es la app más potente y sencilla del mercado, incluye todo lo necesario para que conduzcas con seguridad y mucho más. no más multas puede usarse al mismo tiempo que un navegador tipo tomtom o similar, e incluye avisos por voz, todos los radares e información de la via por la que circulas.

sleep gear Now Available

SLEEPGEAR-72 sleep gear is the best tool on the market to relax and be able to reconcile a deep, restorative sleep. Do you have fatigue problems or sleep disorders? Are you a hard time falling asleep? Do you wake up exhausted in the morning? sleep gear may be the solution! Even if you sleep good, this app wil help you to sleep better. Anyone can improve his life with this app.

weathercam Now Available

WEATHERCAM-72weathercam is an app that is different from typical camera applications. Forget what you've seen before now. On one hand, weathercam adds the place it was taken along with the weather forecast of that moment to your photos, but it also has the powerful graphic editor Aviary built-in, which you can use to edit your photos easily and give them a totally professional touch.

OurWeather Now Available

MYWEATHER-72We have done for you what is probably the most beautiful weather app, and what is best, this is perhaps the most accurate of all existing ones. Other apps are focused on having lots of functions and settings. We thought it will be better to have an app that gives you everything with a single screen tap.

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