World Stars Soccer Puzzle Edition Now Available
World Stars Soccer Puzzle Edition: Amazing dribblings, spectacular shootings, memorable highlights. Have you ever dreamed of lifting the world cup?.

World Soccer Stars is an addictive skill game where you can take the lead of nine of the best world national football teams.

Based on a simple but complete gameplay, outcome of matches are decided by your talent and speed of decision over your opponent. In addition, humor is one of the keys to the game and by its original comic designs, you can't help bursting out laughing when you play with any of the charismatic captain of each team. The game is perfectly suitable for all ages through its various levels of difficulty. If you think you have mastered it, try hard difficult settings and get ready for a real challenge. With World Soccer Stars you can not only experience the excitement of the game, because the more you play, the more you will wish to unlock all achievements and extras from Game Center. Are you ready to become a legend?

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