iSleep SpaceNow Available
iSleep Space is the perfect app to help you to sleep better, relax and meditate. This new app unifies two of the best app in the AppStore: iSleep Sphere and iMind Sphere. We have created an unique product hearing to the hundred thousand users that uses our products every day.

iSleep Space is an application that will allow you to relax, sleep better, concentrate on your work, improve your creativity, learn faster, or even meditate more deeply, all in a simple and easy way. You don’t need to be an expert in meditation to use iSleep Space. As in iSleep Sphere, you can improve your live simply by connecting a headset and using this product regularly. We have designed iSleep Space as simple as iSleep Sphere, but it have all the power of iMind Sphere. Even we have included a selection of the best sounds in both applications.

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